Meet Your Future Self

Every thought about the future is a creative act, adding to the process by which we imagine, experience, and become our future selves. Coach and mindfulness expert Stephanie Hardwick gives us a pragmatic set of perspectives and tools for thinking about our future: showing us the power of thinking to shape our circumstances, avoiding what she calls “happiness shaming,” and building better responses to the stressors of life—from the everyday traffic jams to our most difficult questions of belonging and self-worth. She has led Ben and others through coaching to practice these tools, and you’ll get to experience her guidance through our conversation. Stephanie’s aim is to help others discover the truth that underneath our multitude of thoughts and concerns is an immense and compassionate core just waiting to be noticed. Find out what Stephanie calls the most important question you can ask yourself, and follow along at the end of our episode with her guided meditation to meet your future self.

Show Notes