Raise the Dead

Life after death—right here on earth—is now a reality for a growing number of patients who were once technically declared dead. As a world-renowned expert in resuscitation science and an Emergency Room physician at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, Dr. Zack Shinar is a hands-on practitioner of ECMO, or Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation, a life support procedure that involves pumping one’s blood outside the body. Zack walks us through his first encounters cheating death with ECMO and how it has become a regular work day for him to do so. Find out how he’s influencing the worldwide medical community and creating unique educational experiences to expand the impact of resuscitation science from his podcast ED ECMO to an annual conference he co-founded called Reanimate. We discuss future skills like interdisciplinary curiosity, statistical literacy, and effective decision-making for both doctors and patients. Hear how attending one of Zack’s Reanimate Conferences gave one man the skills to bring his own son back to life.

Show Notes